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FREE Home Insulation to Eligible Home Owners

Too many families in the King Country and central North Island live in cold, damp houses.

Some families struggle to heat their homes or put energy saving measures in place. We aim to do something about it.

Maru is a not-for-profit charitable trust, established in August 2018 by The Lines Company.

Working alongside communities, we are putting in place practical initiatives to help homes become warmer, drier, healthier and ultimately use less energy.

You may qualify if:

  • You own and live in a home built before 2008 AND
  • You have a Community Services card or SuperGold Combo card OR
  • You own and live in a home in an area identified as low income OR
  • You are referred by the Healthy Homes Initiative.

Once your home is insulated you may be eligible for a heating grant.

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